Recent Paintings

Josies Pond in the Rain

“Josies Pond in the Rain”
Oil on canvas, 48 in x 24

The Silent Land

"The Silent Land"
Oil on canvas, 30 in x 40 in






“The Land”

Art at its roots is the expression of your environment. That statement began to take on a new meaning for me living on the edge of the Colorado counties of Weld and Boulder.

You find out there is much more to being an artist than the resulting piece of art that gets produced.

It is about making a deeper connection of some form to what is seen, felt and ultimately expressed so that it gets related in that raw form the way the artist experienced it to those seeing the artwork. Relaying a concept of thought you find out is much more difficult to paint.

Thus the beginning of a series of paintings called “Trailings Left Behind” with the emphasis on the land.

The paintings invoke an intellectual interpretation that is focused on and concerned with the beauty of the land, what humankind leaves behind and the stories it tells.











Gallery Shows

DECEMBER 18, 2013- MARCH 2, 2014

The Rembrandt Yard
Boulder, CO

NOVEMBER 1, 2013 - JANUARY 12, 2014
Valkarie Gallery
Opening Reception:
Fri. Nov 1, 2013 - 5- 9pm

JULY 2 - JULY 27, 2014
Valkarie Gallery
Rebecca Tolle, Solo Show